mung aus Vogelfedern
uit vogelveren
Avian DNA sexing
ved hjælp af fugle fjer
Определение пола птиц при
помощи анализа ДНК из перьев
IL DNA- la determinazione di
Sesso fuori di uccello di Cuscino
El Reconocimiento del
ADN de plumas de aves
Determinação do Sexo por análise
do DNA de penas de aves
Détermination du sexe par ADN
à partir de plumes d’oiseaux

What you have to consider?

Startseite Flyer What you have to consider?

Please follow our step by step instructions:

  1. Write the name of the bird species, ring number and name or other individual indication on a clean plastic bag or envelope.
  2. Complete our application form.
  3. Pluck two middle size bird feathers and place them into the bag or envelope.
  4. Send the feathers and the application form to Tauros Diagnostik.

Please note:
Old feathers found on the ground of the cage or some picked by the bird itself are not appropriate for DNA analysis.


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