mung aus Vogelfedern
uit vogelveren
Avian DNA sexing
ved hjælp af fugle fjer
Определение пола птиц при
помощи анализа ДНК из перьев
IL DNA- la determinazione di
Sesso fuori di uccello di Cuscino
El Reconocimiento del
ADN de plumas de aves
Determinação do Sexo por análise
do DNA de penas de aves
Détermination du sexe par ADN
à partir de plumes d’oiseaux

Circovirus (PBFD)

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Startseite Flyer Avian DNA-Sexing Circovirus (PBFD)
DNA-Test Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease, PBFD

Avian Circovirus, Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease Virus (PBFDV)

Sample material:

Bloodfeathers or blood (in EDTA or just a drop on a sterile swab) in combination with 3-4 freshly plucked feathers of 4 cm

The sensitivity of our laboratory analyses depends on the condition and the kind of the sent sample material significantly.

Please send us the material specified by our lab to ensure the highest level on reliability.

Duration of the investigation:

One to two days after receiving the sample

Disease pattern:

Beak- and feather disease is an infectious disease caused by a psittacine circovirus. Clinical signs of an infection include an abnormal development of feathers, shedding of developing feathers and deformity of the beak and the claws. In later stages the viruses damage lymphoid tissue and suppress the immune system, whereby secondary bacterial and/or fungal infections may occur.

The origins of an infection are feces and feather dust, furthermore the virus is usually acquired by nestlings from their parents via feeding.


If there is any suspicion of an infection, the virus-DNA can be detected in living birds by analyzing blood samples or bloodfeathers. In case of an acute infection it is possible to test feathers too. Positive tested animals without clinical signs should be re-tested after approx. 3 months to avoid chronically infected birds and thus potential sources of infection in the own livestock.